How To Convert Word Documents To PDFs

 Most companies and organizations use Microsoft Word as their standard word processing program. However, when it comes to sending read-only documents, PDFs are the preferred version.

PDF stands for portable document format. It was developed by Adobe in 1993. Since then, PDFs have become the industry standard for printable documents from the web. Many companies prefer to send official company documents in the PDF format because it is the standard format.

However, many people create documents using Microsoft Word. This presents a problem when you need the document to be a PDF.

This article will show you how to convert Microsoft Word documents for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

For Windows computers there are several applications you can download such as Open Office and Word to PDF. All of these applications are excellent options. Here is a little background on each of the applications.

Open Office: Open Office is a free productivity suite that includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentation slides, databases and more. Open Office is similar to the Microsoft Office suite. However, Open Office includes an option to convert Word Documents to PDFs. With Open Office, there is an extension that you can download from Oracle that will allow you to make the conversion.

Word to PDF: This is a universal document converter that allows you to convert word documents into PDFs. With this application, you install the converter onto your computer. After it’s installed you can convert Word Documents to PDFs. Here is how you do it.

*Go to Microsoft Word and go to File > Print.

*Once you access the print menu, press the properties button in the upper right corner.

*On the left side you will see the settings panel. Press Load Settings.

*In the Open Box then select Text document to PDF.xml. Then Click Open.

*After that click the OK button and the Word document will begin conversion.

Both Open Office and Word to PDF are good options. However, Word to PDF requires only one download.

For Macintosh computers, converting Word documents to PDFs is a little easier. That is because you do not need to install any applications onto your computer. To change a Word document to a PDF on a Mac, use the following steps:

*From Word go to File > Print

*At the Print Menu you will see a PDF button in the lower right corner of the screen. Press it

*After pressing the button, select Save As PDF

*You will then be asked where you want to save it. Choose a location and press the OK button.

*Your Word document will then be converted into a PDF.

Following the steps above will help you convert Word documents into PDFs. Sometimes you may need to scan paper documents into PDFs. In this case you will need a scanner and scanning software.