How Can Document Scanning Improve My Company’s Efficiency?

Businesses big and small throughout the world are always looking for new and better ways to improve their efficiency. Document scanning is one of those services that isn’t generally considered to make that much of a difference, but when done on a larger scale it can make a huge difference to, not just the way a company operates, but also their productiveness.

Document scanning companies these days are able to efficiently handle tens of thousands of documents per day, converting them as quickly and as accurately as possible, as well as indexing and even OCRing them if the client so requires. For those that aren’t aware, to index a document is, effectively, to name it with a number of relevant points from the document itself including reference numbers, names and anything else that would make sense. OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a service to make the scanned files into completely text searchable files which can be content searched in order to find reference points within the document itself, rather than just the title.

So what does this mean for productivity? Well what all this gives is the gift of more time, time saved from getting up to get hold of particular documents from filing cabinets, drawers and storage areas. Because the documents are indexed exactly as required, or OCR’d too if you prefer, the files can be found pretty much instantly using a quick computer search for the reference number, client name or however else you need to sort your files by. This saves considerable time and boosts efficiency to an almost unrecognizable level. Imagine the time saved going between drawers and cabinets looking for a few documents compared to a search which can take mere seconds.

This means that more work can be done in a day than ever before, a lot more. Plus if you are currently storing documents in a document storage facility where you must request files to be sent to you, at a cost too, you can cut the waiting and the costs out completely having used document scanning and digital document management.

Because it is also as simple as searching on a computer, there’s no learning curve for staff who are inevitably already using a computer. Files can either be stored on individual hard drives, over a shared network or even hosted online and would be available to you at any time.

It’s also been proven that staff are at their most productive when they’re working consistently rather than having to be up and down all the time. Now all work can be completed from their own workstation also meaning there’s less chance that they will be interrupted by other members of staff.

However, it’s OK that document scanning can improve efficiency, but at what cost? Well you might be surprised to find out that it can actually be a very cost-effective service too. Because files can be processed by document scanning companies relatively quickly, this means that costs to you should come down, especially if you have quite a few documents to be scanned and converted. It’s worth considering to have all your documents converted at once. Of course costs more money than having as portion converted, but the overall savings might just surprise you.