Convert & Edit – Edit PDF Documents Without Using Any Software on Your PC

If you are in the business world, then you know that sometimes you will find yourself in a bind when it comes to PDF conversion. If nothing is coming to mind, then just consider this scenario. Your coworker has just emailed you an important PDF document that is for a client. Perhaps it is a legal contract. The problem is that after having read the document over, you have realized that you need to make some quick changes. It’s a PDF, however, so you can’t just convert & edit. There are two options. One option is to download software that will allow you to convert to Word. The other option is to do the conversion online and then edit.

The answer that comes to mind immediately is that you should just download the software. When you consider the details, however, you probably realize that this is not the smartest decision. First, that software is going to run you at around $350. If you are not going to be going through the PDF conversion process all that often, then this is probably not the best choice for the few cases of convert & edit you run into. The second problem with downloading the software is that you are going to have to learn to use it. Most PC software is not intuitive, therefore it is not the fastest option.

What you may need to do when you convert & edit is go to an ‘Online Document Conversion’ service site, if there is one, you can probably Google it and get its URL. When you have found a reliable Online Document Conversion site, you can convert to word DOC, RTF, or Text format and then edit it on your PC. But before you upload any document you should make sure that document you are converting is of good quality, otherwise it will not be converted properly. If the quality is really bad, it might not be able to be converted at all. You will also want to make sure that all of the images, tables, and hyperlinks come out clearly during the conversion, so you should convert the PDF to RTF before you edit. However if quality of your document is not all that good, don’t worry, you can ask site staff to convert, proof read or edit for you with a click of a button.

This is how – First, you have to go to the website. Next, you have to upload the PDF, select “convert to RTF” and press the “Convert Now” button. Then you can either download your converted file from the website or have it sent to your email. Either way works. You will be ready now to convert & edit in your own PC. But make sure you have gone to website that does all of above.

If you are having trouble with the PDF conversion, you can ask for assistance. You can even chat online through MSN some of these sites setup to communicate with customers like you. Usually these are paid sites but don’t try and save pennies here, you have all safety and security but most of all a good ‘After Sales & Support’. So make sure you have bought enough credits for you to convert effortlessly.