Advanced Features of Word and PDF Documents

Word documents and Portable Document Format are the two applications which are widely used by the computer users across the world. They have modified and advanced features which make the tasks of users easy and smooth. Word document is the computer application with which you can customize the content of your documents. Portable Document Format enables the users to store and transmit massive data in the files. This computer application is used by several enterprises, health care institutes, educational centre and other such institutions. The Word and PDF files are used for preparing presentations, projects, reports, manuals and other such documents.

Word Document:

Word file is an editable computer application. Computer users can edit images, graphics, text and other such content. A person can even insert pictures, hyper links and use bookmarks. You can also insert comments or even track changes in the document. The Word file allows flexibility to insert table of contents and columns, headers and footers. You can even number the pages in the Word document. It is easy to manage large number of pages in the Word file. You can divide the pages and create a master document. Out of this master document user can create related sub documents through a series of links. This feature equips the user to manage huge amount of information. You can arrange the information in sub documents easily and speedily. The Word file also supports merging of documents into a single file. It also supports the use of formula which depends on the version. The Word file can perform simple calculations with ease. The latest version also supports the security features to protect the document. You can lock the files to protect the content.

PDF Document Features:

Portable Document Format encapsulates substantial amount of data in the file. It is a portable format which can be transferred, opened and viewed on multiple platforms. The PDF file is non-editable in nature. It also protects the contents with the security features. A person can also incorporate multimedia content. The compression algorithms compress the size of the file which makes it easily transmittable. Due to the security features they are used for transferring legal copies or financial data and other such confidential information. The PDF also renders a professional appearance to the documents.

For converting one file format into another like Word to PDF or PDF to Word, use Word to PDF converter software. This can help you to manage our documents in better and secure way with documents converted according to your desire.